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Vintage radio dial drums (and drive gears) - before and after
Nylon gears in a pasta machine which had missing teeth - remanufactured in brass.
Good as new!
Remanufactured collar, for a gramophone arm. (Orignial was steel with a ball bearing, completely worn out, and unserviceable. We made a new one in aluminium, with a needle roller bearing.)
Gear lever knob (for a sports car)
More worn out radio components being remanufacutured
“Received the escutcheon today. Lovely work mate, beautiful”
R.F. of Alice Springs
“Just thought you would like to know, the camshaft alignment jig you made fits really well, and has been a big help with the new head design. Thanks again.”
L.H. of Melbourne.

“Must send you some photos of the latest radio project; the chassis you made got the project off to a good start”
L.H. of Melbourne.
Cam shaft alignment jig. Controlled and graduated X and Y movement.

Used for the accurate positioning of the camshaft during the design phase of developing a new head for this engine.
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Lugs for coil cans
Replacement lugs for coil cans, typically used in English radios such as
the R1155.
The old lugs were steel and rusted up; trying to undo the nut usually resulted in the lug breaking. The remanufactured ones are brass with 1/8" rivet holes and 4BA thread.
"Parts received today and fitted, see pic. They are absolutely perfect."
The Paraset was a radio receiver/transmitter developed in the UK during World War 2 used for clandestine radio communications in Norway and Europe. A lot of radio enthusiast and radio amateurs build replicas of this rather unique and clever set.
The Silversprings metal work kit comes in four pieces: the chassis, the bottom part of the box, the lid for the box, and a lip to go around the box joint.
Made from 1.2mm aluminium, with folded and bolted corners.
Assembly hardware, such as the hinge and screws, are not included.
Unlike some replica metal work found on the web, this kit is not made of steel or spot/seam welded (many are, and they look very good, however, these processes are more expensive and we are unable to do them. The choice is yours).
Some beautiful examples of peoples workmanship can be found at:

and numerous other sites.
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Airzone model 520 dial drum
Yet another example of a 70 year old part made out of 'pot metal' cracking, swelling and generally falling apart. Remanufactured part brought the set back to life.
Music Masters dial drum
Yes, another radio, another dial drum, another repair!
Electrodynamic speaker repair.
The field coil of this speaker was shorted to the frame; the frame was welded in and so the coil was not accessible to repair. By cutting two slots in the frame, the coil was removed and replaced with a serviceable unit; the frame was reassembled with steel plates to preserve the magnetic circuit and retain alignment of the core to the speaker cone.

Radiola: small co-axial gears
The original large outer gear was made of fiber and over time, all the teeth had broken off. The new outer gear, 29mm dia, had 102 small teeth, and the new small inner gear had 24 teeth. Both now made of brass.
Astor Mickey Grand knobs
Brass rings to repair these knobs.
Radiolette capacitor can
Remanufactured to replace a rusted original.
Radio Chassis
Typical examples of how I finish off the aluminum chassis.

Folded and screwed corners (can also be pop riveted).

Bottom, outward facing, lip on two sides.
Knurled terminal stud nuts

Vintage style nuts for terminal strips (as used in old point to point to point hand wired, not soldered, sets. Also used on earth and aerial terminals).

1/8" Whit thread.
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Ferris Car Radio Handle (model 74)
Handle and nuts remanufactured; chrome plated steel.
HMV Range Master dial drum
This time the original drum was made of plastic and the shaft mounting hub had cracked. Remanufactured from aluminium - good as new.
Gramophone drive wheel
The old drive wheel relied upon the rubber circumference to grip and transmit the torque. The rubber gets old and hard and the drive slips. The remanufactured version was made from brass with a new O-ring around the outer edge.
“The handle fitted perfectly and I am an admirer of your engineering skills. It looks great and I am delighted.”
Ferris Car Radio 12 Volt Connector (model 74 and many others)
The often lost original flying lead connector is a poor design - ref foreground connector with black wire. The remanufactured version (above and right of the original) has a (red) Teflon insulator which is designed to keep the live inner connection pin and wire well away from the mounting nut. Nevertheless, it would be hard to pick the reproduction from the original when it is mounted in service.

Mounted on the radio - without the wire connected
TV Tuner chassis.
Radio and Hobbies February 1957.

Sheet brass; soldered joints.
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Astor Mickey (model EC) Dial Pulley
Terminal Srews and switch drive shaft
See more on the STC Dial Drum page
Shaft couplers
Tuning Gears: Baby Astor Electric 1929
Replacements for damaged or lost gears.
There were two version of these gears:
- large dial gear had either 160 or 112 teeth (otherwise identical)
- smaller drive gear/pinion had either 20 or 14 teeth (otherwise identical)
Drive reduction ratio
160/20 = 8
112/14 = 8.
Original c. 1929
Sturmey Archer "Sportshift'
Models 70D and 70E

Replacements for a damaged OEM nylon slider.
Model 70D
- standard model (shown above)
Model 70E
- Deluxe model with sliding gear indicator (where the 'SA' plate is on the model 70D)
Piston works

Taking 2mm off the crown, and then cutting 2 x 23 degree chamfers for valve clearance.

Six pistons for a racing engine.
Silversprings made box, chassis and power supply box - and a very beautifully made Paraset by a very talented man in France.

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