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Many vintage radios are now well over 70 years old; it is not only the electronics that deteriorate with age, the metal components rust, fall apart, break, or have just been lost over the years.

Many of these parts are now hard to get new, or new old stock.

Some people still like to make their own radios, amplifiers, and electronics gear; these need chassis, and these days, they are hard to get.

We can help.......
Brass shaft extensions, 2.5” long, M4 grub screw
1/4” shaft x 1/4” hole
1/4” shaft x 3/8” hole
1/4” shaft x 3/16” hole

(Other radio dial hardware available – call for a price)
Replacement  Tuning Cap Drive Gear
Brass replacement for stripped/broken fibre gears
Set of two gears (you reuse your original assembly, just replace the gears)
Replacement Tuning Drum
For STC model s 532, 509, and others
Replaces old ‘pot metal’ units with stripped gears.
One drum (aluminium) , complete with centre gear (brass). (small drive gear not included; see below)
Replacement Tuning Drum Drive Gear
For STC model s 532, 509, and others
Replaces old steel unit.
One brass gear, complete with collar spacer ring
Aluminium Chassis - Custom
Size made to order
1.0, 1.2 and 1.6mm thickness available
Folded corners; pop riveted
Options: as per standard chassis above
Custom Work
MIG/TIG/Oxy welding
- Repairs
- Re-manufactured
- Prototyping
- Jigs
Brass shaft couplers 5/8" long
1/4” shaft: 2 x 1/4” holes on common axis
3/8” shaft: 2 x 3/8” holes on common axis
Mixed: 1/4" and 3/8" holes on common axis
(ref our Project Photos page)
Lugs for coil cans
Replacement lugs for coil cans,
typically used in English radios such as
the R1155.
Brass, 1/8" rivet holes, 4BA thread
Paraset replica box/chassis kit
The kit comes in four pieces: the chassis, the bottom part of the box, the lid for the box, and a lip to go around the box joint.
Made from 1.2mm aluminium, with folded and bolted corners.
Assembly hardware, such as the hinge and screws, are not included.
(ref our Project Photos page)
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Knurled terminal stud nuts

Vintage style nuts for terminal strips (as used in old point to point to point hand wired, not soldered, sets. Also used on earth and aerial terminals).

Approx 3/8" dia; 1/8" Whit thread.
(ref our Project Photos page)
See the Project Photos page for some examples
Astor Mickey (model EC) Dial Pulley
Brass pulley, with grub screw

(ref our Project Photos page)
Astor tuning gears
For Baby Astor electric 1929
- Large dial gear with hub
(160 or 112 teeth)
- Small drive gear
(20 or 14 teeth)
Sturmey Archer replacement slider
For Sturmey Archer sportshift model 70D/E
Replacement for the nylon original.

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